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QuickBooks Handpiece Repair Business Module (Optional)

$1,500 Fee

QuickBooks is a fantastic accounting program that is designed to perform many accounting tasks. What we have done is build a template to work specifically with the handpiece business. Inventory is automatically added when you receive purchases, and automatically deducted when you invoice your customers. Your starting inventory is preloaded into QuickBooks along with sample handpiece companies. You will work hands on with QuickBooks to order parts, invoice customers, add vendors, add inventory items, modify costs etc. This is your jumpstart to using QuickBooks for your handpiece business.

  • In-depth look at QuickBooks and how we use it to support our business
  • QuickBooks Sample Handpiece Company
  • QuickBooks Handpiece Company data file
  • Predefined QuickBooks forms specific to the handpiece business
  • Predefined starting inventory list preloaded into QuickBooks
  • Predefined inventory assemblies preloaded into QuickBooks
  • Predefined inventory groups preloaded into QuickBooks
  • Predefined starting vendor list preloaded into QuickBooks
  • Training on how to use inventory items, groups and assemblies
  • Inventory/vendor cross reference support file (key to minimizing costs)
  • Bearing cross reference support file (key to minimizing confusion)

NOTE: A Lap top computer is strongly recommended for this module. QuickBooks Premier accounting software is required and must be provided by you.