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Why should I learn from The Handpiece Surgeon?

  • Good question. Simply put, our program is the most cost effective training program on the market. Our pricing is very competitive. Our training techniques are clear and easily followed, with manuals that are well organized with clearly written procedures. Our ongoing technical support is excellent. You won't be disappointed.
  • Call us and talk anytime you like. We enjoy introducing people to the business, and are more than happy to answer your questions. Don't just talk to us. Talk to all the dealerships, franchises and independents. We're confident you will agree that we are the best. 

Will I learn to rebuild highspeed turbines?

  • Yes! That is a large part of the business. You will learn how to diagnose, disassemble and repair highspeed turbines. We will discuss what parts to replace and what parts to reuse. Included in our training you will learn static and dynamic pull testing to test the chuck strength, and very importantly, spindle concentricity testing.

What about new highspeed turbines?

  • The testing you learn to perform will help you to quickly determine what handpieces require replacement turbines, and you will learn to build and install new replacement turbines too.

Will I learn to repair slow speed handpieces?

  • Yes. Our training includes low speed or slow speed handpiece repair. You will notice that some training programs will not teach you how to repair low speed handpieces. We believe, that although low speed handpieces are more complex, this training is necessary for an independent business. Ask us why.
  • In addition, as part of the low speed training, you will learn to repair sonic air scalers. Sonic scalers are a profitable portion of the repair business.

What about maintenance of handpieces?

  • High quality repairs are essential for your business. We will teach you how to do quality repairs, but your clients need to maintain their handpiece properly in order to maximize turbine life. Part of your training includes how to perform proper maintenance, how to identify if your clients are practicing good maintenance, and how to train your clients to maintain their handpieces.

What about dealing with clients?

  • Your ability to approach potential clients and sell your services is an important factor in how well you can build your business. We will teach you how we have marketed our business and sold products. You will learn what has worked for us, and be able apply our techniques and your own techniques to build your business.
  • On going support will enable you to talk through your interactions with your clients and potential clients and discuss various approaches to successfully establishing and maintaining business relationships.

Who's my competition?

  • Today your competition comes from many areas.
    • Manufacturers
    • Catalogue companies
    • Mail order repair houses
    • Local independent repair businesses like yours
    • Franchises
    • Dealerships
  • Each of these types of competitors have their own strengths and weaknesses. You will learn how to sell up against each of these type of competitors.

I don't know if I can learn everything in a week. What kind of support will I get?

  • Our training programs are designed to get you involved and working on your own in one week. We are confident in our ability to train you in a week, but don't worry, you will enjoy toll free technical support by phone and email, and up to 5 additional days of training in the next 12 months if you need it.
  • Don't forget - 24/7 web support with Knowledge Base. You won't find anything like it at any of our competitors. Working late? Step by Step Instructions, photos and drawings are there to help you out of a jam. 
  • Complex handpiece repair? If you do not want to attempt to repair a handpiece, for whatever reason, you can feel free to send it to us and receive discount repair pricing, or use any another company from your list of wholesale repair shops. It's up to you.
  • As part of our world class technical support The Handpiece Surgeon provides industry contacts and encouragement to build a strong support network within the independent repair community to strengthen and expand your business. You won't be alone.

Is The Handpiece Surgeon a Franchise or Dealership?

  • No. The Handpiece Surgeon is an independent handpiece repair facility that offers training to individuals who would like to learn the dental handpiece repair business and start their own independent business, without the obligations required by franchises and dealerships.

Will I have to pay monthly royalties or dealership fees?

  • You will not have to pay monthly fees to The Handpiece Surgeon. Since we are not offering either a dealership or a franchise, there are no long term contracts, no royalties or dealership fees. 

Will I have to buy inventory or specialized tooling from The Handpiece Surgeon?

  • You will not be obligated to purchase your inventory from The Handpiece Surgeon or anyone else at any time. We provide you with a comprehensive list of parts suppliers and manufacturers. You chose from that list or find your own.  No obligations.
  • You will need to buy specialized tooling, but you will be able to chose from various suppliers. You will not be obligated to buy from any particular vendor.