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Learn The Dental Handpiece Repair Business

The Handpiece Surgeon is here to help you learn the dental handpiece repair business and start your own independent handpiece service and repair business! We work with you one-on-one at your own speed mixing written step-by-step procedures with hands on repairs. You'll help us service our customers as required and see firsthand how we run our business from phone request to depositing the check.

Once you complete your training course, we are there to help you with technical support by phone, email and our unique handpiece Knowledge Base. You will have access to your trainer to discuss problems work out solutions and talk you through handpiece repairs, or just go online for drawings and step by step instructions.

Please take a few minutes to review our website and learn about our training. We are always interested in talking to you so don't hesitate to call us to ask questions.


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Learn Dental Handpiece Repair from The Handpiece Surgeon

Handpiece Repair Training for Success

Marketing: Learn how to market your business. Jump start your marketing campaign with copies of our materials. 

Industry Contacts: Learn where to buy equipment, parts, materials, advanced repairs and new handpieces.

Hands on Repair: Step by step written instructions combined with personalized one on one training.

Work the business: You will work with us to service customers, and market our business  as our weekly workload requires.

Technical Support: We are there for you providing telephone, e-mail, Internet and re-training support after you start your own independent business.

Knowledge Base: Our unique web based documentation provides 24/7 technical support.